It is a logical consequence of Darwinian thinking that man is not alone in the universe; that other civilizations exist and flourish out there; that among these must be some superior to our own, able and willing to instruct us in the elusive art of peaceful coexistence. With the opening of the new millenium we therefore find many eyes turned heavenwards in anticipation of some non-random signal emanating from the depths of space that would confirm the existence of such beings. Assuming the fulfilment of these expectations, it is highly likely that regular communication would follow and, in due course, direct contact.

In the initial stages of this scenario mathematical absolutes - particularly those associated with number and form - are expected to assume fundamental roles. For example, the repeated transmission of a sequence comprising the first thousand or so cubic numbers is highly likely to capture the interest and attention of any intelligent receptor - thereby achieving the immediate purpose of announcing its author's galactic presence.

However, in their eagerness to pursue extraterrestial liaisons and find salvation among the stars the world's scientific and intellectual elite appear to have overlooked a similar message closer to home - one expressed in equally persuasive terms. In the following pages it is proposed to identify and correct this oversight by drawing attention to some real and remarkable phenomena and their far-reaching implications. These are associated, in particular, with the Bible's opening Hebrew words, the Greek form of the name Jesus Christ (understood by Christians to be The Creator), and the riddle of Revelation 13:18.

For a concise overview of the findings to date it is recommended that The Beginning of Wonders be read first - followed by the remaining pages, in the order given.

Vernon Jenkins MSc

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New pages added 2007-03-04:

1) The Bible - a self-authenticating text:

2) Two tessellations of Genesis 1:1:

3) An important matter arising from the first of these tessellations:

4) Themes from Creation's Blueprint - Part 4:

5) Creation Geometries - Part 3:


added 2007-04-02:

6) Revelations of a Biological Abacus: - echoes of Genesis 1:1 in the structure of DNA

added 2007-05-26:

7) The Unique Utterance: - the Bible's opening Hebrew words speak into being an impressive system of coordinated numerical geometries

8) Paper-folding for Beginners: - a modern artefact reveals substantial links with the Bible's first verse

added 2007-06-04

9) A Substantial Difference: - another view of the miracle that is Genesis 1:1 (the first of the KJV's 31,102 verses)

added 2007-07-10

10) The Music Lesson: - the development of the music keyboard and its numerical links with Genesis 1:1

added 2008-07-10

11) Beyond the Rainbow: - the Flood: a significant marker in Earth History

added 2008-11-04

12) A Resolution of Differences: - a dramatic confirmation of the miracle that inhabits the first 8 Hebrew words of the Scriptures

13) The Golden Section: - a primary universal constant and its presence in Genesis 1:1

14) Putting the Record Straight: - concerning the true midpoints of the Christian Scriptures

15) Some Geometrical Restructuring: - remarkable facts that follow from a particular division of Genesis 1:1


added 2009-05-07

16) Aspects of a Miracle: - comprising a suite of 7 web pages which, together, confirm the Bible's opening verse to be the most remarkable combination of words ever written, and a standing miracle; a substantial presentation intended to challenge the pretensions of atheist and liberal Christian alike.


added 2010-05-02

17) The Wilderness Encampment: - a compelling exposition of Numbers 1 - 3

added 2010-05-13

18) Tracking the Origin of Life's Genetic Code: - a sequel to "Revelations of a Biological Abacus"

added 2010-06-14

19) The Star of Israel - Part 1: - a sequel to "The Wilderness Encampment"

added 2010-11-04

20) The Star of Israel - Part 2: - coincidences with the Genetic Code




DECLARATION: This site is dedicated to the service of our Creator, Sustainer and Saviour - The Lord Jesus Christ. Its principal aim is to uphold the supreme Authority of the Judaeo-Christian Scriptures as the one unique body of revealed truth (graciously provided for our eternal well-being) by presenting hard evidence of a self-authenticating principle, closely integrated with the original Hebrew and Greek texts. Such findings defy all naturalistic explanation; accordingly, they represent a challenge to those unbelievers who assume reason to be life's only dependable and sufficient guide.

"The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law." (Deuteronomy 29:29)

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