Appendix C - An examination of the 'plus one' principle.

Here again are the dimensions of a panelled A4 sheet:

It has already been observed, (a) that the number associated with its width, 210, is a rare example of a triangular number which happens to be double another, viz 105, which also appears in our diagram as the length of each of the six panels; and, (b) that the number associated with the length of the complete sheet is 297 - precisely one more than the 7th of the G set.

[To facilitate understanding of the succeeding developments, the values of the Bible's 8 opening words are here reiterated: G = { 913, 203, 86, 401, 395, 407, 296, 302 }.]

The following diagrams are largely self-explanatory; they reveal that all 7 values after the first may be found as millimetre displacements involving no more than two panelled A4 sheets. At (a), our basic observation is restated and the 'G plus one' pattern established; (b) involves the overlapping and aligning of two sheets - thereby demonstrating the difference, (297 - 210), to be one more than 86; at (c), the panel dimensions come into play, so that (99 + 105) = 204, (204 + 99) = 303, and (303 + 105) = 408; finally, at (d), 4 x 99 = 396.

It will be observed that the metre rulers involved in the maneouvres described earlier play no part in these proceedings.

But what then of 913, the first G value? It has already been observed that it is different 'in kind' from the rest (as befits its unique position!). In terms of the sides of each of the six A4 panels, we have: (5 x 99) + (4 x 105) = 915, ie 2 more than 913. Thus the general rule that applies to the following seven is broken in respect of this number!

Finally, it may be observed that the metre (basis of the A-series) is itself involved in the 'G plus one' pattern. As the following groupings within Genesis 1:1 reveal, "In the beginning...God" and "created the heaven" are each associated with the total 999, and "and the earth." with 703 - itself 296 (7th word) short of 999!

Since 1000 (mm) = 999 + 1, this interesting inverted association involving the groups within the verse is obvious.

Vernon Jenkins



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