Squaring the Cubes - Part 2

1 - Introduction

The circumstances attending Genesis 8:14 are interesting: because of man's gross wickedness divine judgment has now been exercised; apart from Noah's family and the animals inhabiting the ark all terrestial life has been extinguished by the mabbul (or Flood). We are about to read of a new beginning; the cleansed Earth is to be populated again at God's command: "Then God said to Noah, 'Come out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and their wives. Bring out every living creature that is with you...so they can multiply on the earth and be fruitful and increase in number upon it'. So Noah came out..." (Genesis 8:15-18). The previous verse therefore stands at a critical point in Earth history: clearly, it is in the nature of an epilogue to the Antediluvian/Diluvian Age - to which Genesis 1:1 is the prologue. But it also functions as a prologue to the Postdiluvian experience - of which we are part!

It is therefore a matter of some significance that the sum of the 8 Hebrew words of Genesis 8:14 is the large triangular number, 2701 - and thus identical to the sum of the 7 of Genesis 1:1 (as demonstrated in earlier pages)! Here are the details:

The reading is from right to left with the characteristic value of each word (ie the sum of the numerals represented by its letters) shown above the text.

[It may be noted that though this is the 15th instance of a running sequence of Hebrew words yielding the total, 2701 (Genesis 1:1 included) it is only the 2nd to map onto a complete verse.]

2 - Some advantages of being 2701

For a moment, let us remove this object from its biblical context and consider its principal features as a number per se. They are quite impressive - as the following selection demonstrates:


3 - Genesis 8:14 in a chequerboard of chequerboards

In the earlier page ('Squaring the Cubes') it was revealed that the Creator's Name ('Jesus Christ') may be linked with Bible's first verse (Genesis 1:1) by means of a 64x64 square with 27x27 square inset - combinations of the opening 7 words there appearing in rectangular or triangular form. The same procedure may be applied to Genesis 8:14 - with interesting effect.

As before, we begin with the basic structure:

The 64x64 square is shown divided into a 27x27 square (bottom right), a 37x37 square (top left), and two 27x37 rectangles.

[It will be remembered that, in this figure, the characteristic value of the Creator's Name, 64x37, is represented twice!]

Within the larger shaded square we first construct a numerical diamond (comprising a total of 685 unit squares), thus:

We observe that this corresponds with the sum of words 1 and 2!

Taking two of the four triangles representing the remainder of the 37x37 square (each triangle, 171 units), we find their sum to be 342 - value of word 6, thus:

The two remaining triangles together with a complete row of 37 total 379 - value of word 3, thus:

The 8th word, 296, is a simple multiple of 37, and may be represented by an 8x37 rectangle, thus:

The remaining three words total 999 - value of the rectangle, top right, thus:

Here, then, is the final outcome of these developments: a six-sided area representing 2701:


Observe, (a) that it is contained within a 46x64 rectangle, (b) that its outline, as before, is 216, or 6.6.6 - the cube of 6, and (c) that the unshaded 18x37 rectangle (left) consists of 666 unit squares, and the 27x27 square (right), 729, or 9.9.9 - the cube of 9!

Clearly, things didn't have to turn out this way!

4 - Some other numerical links with Genesis 1:1

5 - Conclusions

It is clear that the verses which function as a pair of 'bookends' to what may be called 'Phase 1' of Earth history are securely bound together numerically! In addition, it has been demonstrated that both are inextricably linked with the Creator's Name. It follows that Genesis 8:14 must be regarded as an integral part of the 'standing miracle' (represented by the Aleph-Tau Phenomena) which previous pages have sought to define.

Despite the clear words of Genesis 6-9, it is widely believed that the mabbul was nothing more than an intense, but essentially local, flood. Without this understanding Darwinians would find it impossible to justify their reading of the history of this planet. But if that were true, why the direct, powerful, and logical language of the biblical narrative? And why its numerical affirmation? Is it any longer reasonable to believe that the event was anything but global?!

Vernon Jenkins MSc


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