"Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord" (Isaiah 1:18)

It is not generally appreciated that the collection of early Hebrew and Greek writings that form the basis of what we now call 'The Bible' is at the same time a set of numbers. This situation arises quite naturally from the fact that during the centuries immediately preceding the birth of Jesus these peoples adopted alphabetic systems of numbering - ie the letters of their alphabets were made to double as numerals. These schemes - together with a hypothetical English version based upon the Hebrew model - are described in the appendix; also provided there are the evaluations of the Hebrew Bible's opening verse (Genesis 1:1) and the Creator's Name, 'Jesus Christ'.

At a more primitive level any whole number may be represented by a group of counters - typically, coins of the same denomination, or sugar cubes. In such cases the counters can sometimes be arranged to form 2-d or 3-d symmetrical structures or, more rarely, two, or even three, distinct structures. Clearly, such combinations of number and form are independent of time and place, and of all the many schemes of symbolism devised by man for recording the 'How many's?' of human experience. They are, therefore, prime and indisputable examples of absolutes in an increasingly relativistic world.

The number thirty-seven is a case in point; it is unique in being associated with three 2-d patterns, possessing between them a total of 16 axes of symmetry: hexagon (diagrams A1 and D1, below), six-pointed star, or hexagram (B1), and octagon (C1). Associated with each of these is a symmetrical 'relative': thus, the hexagon, A1, forms the core of the hexagram, A3; the hexagram, B1, has the hexagon, B3, as its core; the octagon, C1, is built around the square, C3; the hexagon, D1, is a 2-d representation of the cube, D2 - the number of unit cubes from which it is constructed (ie sixty-four) also existing as the square, D3.

Thus, we see 37 linked absolutely with 73 (its digit reverse), 19, 25, and 64, respectively. It is therefore a remarkable fact that if 37 - the most symmetrical of all numbers - be multiplied by each of these derivatives in turn, numbers of direct biblical interest are generated!










We live in a world in which man's imaginations have led him to conclude that there is no God - or, if there is, that he is too small to be bothered about! Is it any wonder then that Jehovah - the Creator and Sovereign Lord of All - has decided, in our day, to confound His enemies and bolster the faith of those who love Him? The method He has chosen is beautiful in its economy and simplicity. It involves the stripping down of the words of Holy Scripture to their numerical values - thus dispensing with the clouding nuances of language and interpretation - and relating these to the 'visual aids' outlined here. The fact that the central figure in these developments is the trifigurate number 37 must, in itself, confirm the purposeful action of the divine hand.

Reader, what is your response to the news that the biblical text is self-authenticating? Are you prepared to gamble your life that the associated numerical phenomena are 'accidents of chance' or, otherwise, arise from the activities of some worldly conspiracy? Who but a Transcendent and Divine Being could have devised and implemented such a scheme many centuries before the invention of the numerical codes that make it apparent to us?

Vernon Jenkins MSc.

January 8th, 1999

email: vernon.jenkins@virgin.net

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